5 Spiritual and Positive Affirmation For Weight Loss

Healing all features of ourselves is essential to find our ideal weight. To lose weight, we need to have natural food, consistent exercise, presence of mind, and spiritual nourishment. Most of us eat continuously unless we feel full. This attitude is wrong for all reasons. We seek fulfillment by eating food when we get bored or emotional. To eat food for any other reason than hunger has created many bad habits.

If you have self-fulfillment through love, hobbies, purposeful life, and spiritual nourishment, then you are already “full”. You do not need any satisfaction through food and it becomes less important. In this situation, we feel satisfied with our inner sense of security and calm. Hence, we just eat for energy and nourishment.

Real changes start from the mind, and it initiates with a thought. The first key is the reprogramming of mind by replacing negative thoughts that result in bad health habits. It is the best practical way to apply the words of Eckhart Tolle, “Get the inside right and the outside will fall into place.”


5 Spiritual and Positive Affirmation For Weight Loss

Here are some spiritual affirmations that can help your mind to lose weight. You can either use one of them, some of them, or all of them.

1.Affirmation to keep my weight down

My God, thank you for making our lives happy and wonderful. But, God, I am struggling to lose my weight. My body is a shrine and you live here. For this reason, I want to keep it down and keep it clean. Lord, help me, guide me to eat what is good and what is right for me. I need the strength to stay away from junk food and all the foods that make me unhealthy. Please give me exercise discipline in my daily life and maintaining weight.

This is all I want, I pray. Amen.

2.Show me the right path

My God, I admit that in the meantime I love and hate the word “diet”. On one side, it denotes a struggle for change. On the other hand, it Is simply like a flashing sign written “failure ahead”. God. I want to take a trip with you that is directed by you and depends on your power.

I can not do anything about my weight. Show me the path that will allow me to change. Let me see, only you can show me the right path. What works for me and what is healthy for me. I want to think about this matter positively.  Lord if I sign up to be miserable or needy. I want to learn about the food required by my body. Today I give my future, failures, profits, all my hopes and plans in your hands. Amen.

3.Affirmation to eat healthy foods

Lord, you have gifted me a body, but I am not in good health as I am consuming unhealthy foods. Please teach me to eat what suits my body. Help me to be healthier by eating foods that are compatible and do exercises to reduce weight. Help me to guide my daily struggle so that I can do the right thing, Lord. Please gives me the grace to be patient and hard work to keep my weight down and keep going throughout my life. I pray. Amen.

4.I can do it

It is really easy for me to lose extra fats of the body and those extra fats just fall out of my body. As I do work and exercise, my metabolism stimulates and I lose my body fat quickly and easily. Metabolism is working as a car engine. I am losing extra weight so quickly that everyone who met me realizes the change. My body is becoming lightweight and easy to carry. My body is becoming slimmer with every new hour. When I woke up in the morning, my body felt thinner and lighter. I am feeling very motivated to lose every ounce of body fat I had. To lose body fat is easy and effortless for me. My energy and my faith increased by 100 percent.

5.Affirmation for success with food

My God, you are my praise and my inspiration. I wish that you will continue to help me with the food that I take every day. I pray that you will be empowered to get what weight I am aiming for. Lord, help me to stay strong and stay away from foods that are not good for my body.

As you said, our bodies are like shrines and we should take care of them. Help me, Lord! Guide me so that I can choose best foods for me and my body. Give me that strength and determination of training every morning. Thank you for listening to my prayers, Lord. Amen.

Some other spiritual weight loss affirmations    

  • I keep my body healthy with fresh food.
  • I am filled with passion and energy.
  • I love to exercise in a fun way.
  • I feel lighter and smarter.
  • I am determined to change myself.
  • I eat to strengthen my body.
  • My energy is increasing daily.
  • I am strong and healthy.
  • I choose to drink more water and stay hydrated.
  • I love how sports and exercise make my body and mind relax.
  • I just eat what I need.
  • I am healthy and happy.
  • I love to find fun ways to exercise regularly.
  • I like to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • I look for healthy ways to comfort my body.
  • I grow stronger and better every day.
  • I eat natural foods.
  • I thank you for my health.
  • I have found new ways of eating.


Q.1. What does positive affirmation mean?

Combination of positive phrases that are easy to use for people to explain how, or how they want the situation, by stating that it is true or on the way to be.

Q.2. Can confirmation change my life?

The use of affirmation is the practice of identifying and changing daily thoughts. Finally, positive thoughts can change cognitive patterns and negative thoughts become less important. The more you can choose your thoughts, the better your life will be.